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freckled fluff
09 May 2011 @ 11:34 am
So, today marks the beginning of my epic journey into the secret world of gyms. Until this day (well, saturday technically) I have never stepped foot into a gym. To say that it is a daunting task would be a vast understatement. I have seriously no fucking clue what I'm doing. But I'm doing it and that's what counts, right?

I did about 30 minutes of cardio on the bike and the elliptical. I really love the elliptical but it kicks my ass. Then I tried some weight machines for my pathetically weak inner thighs and arms. So so weak. Also? Weight machines kind of terrify me because I have no idea what to do. They're all so big and mysterious! Well, my body now feels like jelly and yet I am energized. Yay endorphins. Let's do this.

Definitely need to update my workout motivational music playlist. What music do you work out to?? I welcome all suggestions.

x-posted to whensheflies because why not!
freckled fluff
18 January 2011 @ 11:05 am
Post-holiday fat. We've all gorged ourselves on tamales, lasagne, New Year's Eve appetizers, sweets, and margaritas. Suddenly, your go-to fat jeans are even feeling a bit snug. Maybe a stranger asks you if you're growing a bun in the oven. We've all been there at some point in time.

So we join that gym, dust off those running shoes. Or heaven forbid, crack open a can of Slimfast.

I could pretty much say all of the above (minus the joining of the gym bit). I believe in the world outside being my personal gym. Last week I started motivating myself to exercise again. I was feeling some post-holiday back to work blues, paired with some delightful mild depression and who knows, maybe even some SAD. Most likely some SAD. There's a reason to stay in California for the rest of my life right there. After about three days of warming up to exercise again, a woman asked me if I was preggers. *cue rant of all rants, self-esteem plummeting, and new sit-up regimen*

Spent the weekend being haunted by that evil woman's words and didn't get anything accomplished besides starving myself and eating a shit ton of broccoli. Who knew broccoli would be so delicious on an empty stomach?

This week, I've walked in the park and have taken a bike ride to get my heart rate going and blood pumping. I have endorphins coming out my ears and the summer weather in January is definitely helping improve my mood as well. Yay healthy times! If I can manage another activity tomorrow, I'll treat myself to a massage. And then back to the grind!
freckled fluff
24 October 2010 @ 11:10 pm
Why is it so much harder to motivate myself to exercise when it is gloomy and gross outside? Don't answer that. I know. I seem to have lost all my motivation with the disappearance of summer. I'll try again tomorrow.
freckled fluff
26 August 2010 @ 10:45 am
First week of walking with dedication is complete. My body hurts pretty much everywhere, but overall I feel happier for it. I look forward to trying to keep up with this and not give up. As long as the heat goes away, we should be fine.

Onwards and upwards, people!
freckled fluff
23 August 2010 @ 01:34 pm
Well well well. Look who crawled off her fat ass and got motivated! Not really. But bambambambie and I are going to try out being fitness buddies. We have to start slow because I am completely out of shape. But today we walked for a little over an hour in the park and it was fabulous. Endorphins pumping, sweat everywhere. I feel great. We're gonna try to do this at least three times a week, building up strength until I can jog!

We'll see how the shins feel tomorrow. ;)
freckled fluff
03 June 2010 @ 01:05 pm
Well. Things are going ok, I guess? My shins are still splinty and I haven't done much by way of exercise except five minutes on the Ab Circle. I love that thing so much it's stupid.

Also, counting calories is a bitch. Not only does it make me think about food ALL THE TIME because I constantly have to remind myself what I ate, it makes me feel kind of insane and too organized. I don't know. Maybe that kind of tracking is not for me. I seem to do better with just portion control. I'm trying to cut all my meals in half and when I feel like snacking, I'll try fruit or carrots instead of junk. We'll see. I'll try the calorie counting thing, because I really like the SparkPeople platform and think they have a lot to offer on their site besides the calorie tracker.

Hmmm. Definitely think a bike ride is in order for this weekend.
freckled fluff
01 June 2010 @ 02:16 pm
Woo. First post. Why am I doing this? Because I'm starting to get belly rolls and my stomach is something I've always been able to control and keep flat. I feel like I've let myself go, I know my new boozey nature has added to the gut, but I don't feel good about myself anymore. I want to get back to a place where I can look at myself naked and not be repulsed by what I see.

While I'm blabbing away and have you here, this is a place of complete honesty. I'm not going to lie or sugarcoat anything. You will know which days I think my thighs are a lumpy mess and when I've eaten too much mexican food. I really want this to be my place of motivation and positivity.

Some goals:

- to lose 30 pounds by the new year
- to move more (walk, jog, bike, anything, because nothing is moving now.)
- to eat more healthy things (veggies, fruit, etc.)
- to stay motivated and positive when results don't come instantaneously
- to use SparkPeople.org to track my fitness and food
- to look good naked
- to drink 8 cups of water a day
- to fit into my skinny jeans
- to one day be able to rock that damn pixie cut!

I think they are pretty fair and simple goals. I'm not necessarily worried about the actual number of pounds so much as looking and feeling better about myself.

Today I walked and jogged a bit. Something I haven't done much since high school. And oh my, my ass is disgusting. I can tell I'm going to have shin splints tomorrow. Any suggestions for that?